our VISION :

Solar energy is revolutionizing our lives. As all new industry, global demand varies extremely. International trade regulations are popping here and there. Some markets are open while some other are strictly controlled by local government regulations. Major utilities’ business models are under unprecedented mutation. Consumers even start to produce their own energy now.

Under this shifting landscape it is challenging for global solar-hardware manufacturers to understand, asses and serve accurately every market.

On top of that, strong competition and global price-war make it difficult for manufacturers to invest in local integrated subsidiaries mastering sales, marketing, engineering, logistics, legal and importation support for the sake of their customers’ full satisfaction. Hence, solar-projects developer are often forced to sign million euros contracts with suppliers serving them directly from the other side of the globe without any decent local support.

Our mission :

-UPGRADE manufacturers’ LOCAL SUPPORT and reach customers’ full satisfaction,
-IMPROVE local MARKET UNDERSTANDING and help them driving their business-development strategy towards a differentiated value proposition,
-EFFICIENTLY DEVELOP BILATERAL BUSINESS between our partners and Western-Europe players,
-provide our EXPERT SUPPORT to projects developers FOR FREE.

To do so, we developed a unique “subsidiary-like” approach offering our full range of expertise (Sales, Marketing, Technical support, importation, logistics, operations…) to manufacturers in order to develop their business in Europe.

Local solar-projects developers can enjoy our support and benefit from our experience for free. We enable them to diversify and secure their supply while differentiating themselves from competition.

our values :


TRUST and TRANSPARENCY are key to our mutual success. We keep our promises and fulfill our comitments


Our NETWORK is one of our biggest assets. We are happy to connect peoples and initiate promising partnerships


We believe in complementary TEAMWORK to offer the best customer-care service. We consider each member of our partners’ staff as if they were colleagues. We share experiences and are keen to pass on our knowledge.

Markets :