LABRIT 1 Solar Power Plant – ENGIE


Labrit, Les Landes (40) France

Modules: GCL-P6/60H 275, GCL-P6/60H 280

  • Comissioning:  Winter 2022
  • Client: ENGIE
  • Type of project: Ground-based power plant

power installed

production / year


A PV power plant of 16 MW

In the Landes department, in the commune of LABRIT, Synapsun has supplied  photovoltaic modules for the LABRIT1 solar park developed, built and operated by ENGIE teams.

The “LABRIT 1” project won the national tender of the French Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) and the plant was commissioned in December 2021.

The park consists of 59,760 solar panels with carbon footprint from the manufacturer GCL SI represented in France by Synapsun. The LABRIT 1 solar power plant offers a total capacity of 16.645 MW.

It is estimated that the annual production of the plant will be approximately 19,840 MWh, which is equivalent to the average annual electricity consumption of 4,000 households.

A second solar power plant will be built in the commune. “LABRIT 2” will bring the total solar energy capacity of the commune to 30 MWp.

Somes pictures of the power plant

centrale solaire PV labrit
labrit solar pv plant

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