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Forbach, MOSELLE (57) FRANCE

Modules: GCL-P3/60H 320 cast-mono

power installed

production / year


CO² reduced / year

A 4.6 MW photovoltaic carport system

At the beginning of November 2020, Coruscant Développement, a French subsidiary of the Obton group, commissioned a new carport plant on the site of the automotive logistics company STVA Egerland (CAT Group) in Forbach.

This 4.6 MWp project brings the total power of plants built by Coruscant Développement on CAT group’s parking lots to 33 MWp.

Coruscant Développement designed and carried out a tailor-made project while respecting the activity of the site. The installation meets the needs of the customer by maximizing sheltered spaces while limiting the impact of structures on the ground.

For this project responding to a CRE call for tenders, the developer chose GCL (with local support from SYNAPSUN) to equip the carport with low carbon solar panels.

This installation, including 14,400 GCL P3 / 60 H 320 photovoltaic panels, will produce 4,430 MWh each year according to Coruscant Développement‘s estimates, i.e. some 101 tons of CO² avoided per year of operation or the equivalent of the annual electricity consumption of 1,000 French households.

Despite the particular health context, Coruscant Développement has shown adaptability and professionalism to finalize this project.

This commissioning reflects the ambition of the Obton group, parent company of Coruscant Développement.

Obton is a leading Danish investment group in Europe with nearly 900 MW in operation in sola renergy. In its 2020 listing, Solarplaza* lists Obton as the 9th solar portfolio operator in Europe. In line with its expansion strategy, Obton recently announced a partnership with Shannon Energy in Ireland for the construction of 500 MWp of solar power plants, and won 120MW of the Irish government tender projects.


Some pictures of the photovoltaic carport shelter

Ombrières de FORBACH - Coruscant Développement
Ombrières de Forbach Coruscant développement
Ombrières solaires de Forbach
Ombrières de FORBACH - Coruscant Développement
Ombrières de Forbach
Ombrières de FORBACH - Coruscant Développement
Ombrières de FORBACH - Coruscant Développement

Our Client

CORUSCANT Développement

Coruscant Développement is an independent solar power producer. The company has been financing, building and operating photovoltaic power plants in France since 2007.

Coruscant Développement is a forerunner in the production of solar electricity in parking shelters. Forging a solid reputation in this area of expertise, the company has been able to diversify by targeting the ground-based power plant segment.

Since October 2017, Coruscant Développement has become a subsidiary of the Obton group, a Danish investment fund dedicated exclusively to the production of photovoltaic electricity and a major player in the production of solar energy in Europe.

William Barrau - +33 632 741 558

Senior Technical Manager, Coruscant Développement

logo Coruscant développement

The SYNAPSUN advantages

sourcing en direct auprès des fabricants de module pv

Support for direct manufacturer sourcing

Synapsun supports you in negotiating your direct supply contracts with the manufacturer: contract negotiation, production monitoring and operational and logistics management.

Throughout your project, the SYNAPSUN team is your privileged contact.

solution bas carbone certifiée

A low carbon offer dedicated to CRE tenders

SYNAPSUN develops offers specifically designed to meet the most demanding requirements of the French market.

We are particularly targeting the CRE’s Call for Tender segment with a whole range of dedicated solutions.

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Adapted logistics

Setting up a buffer storage to adapt to the progress of the site in real time.


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