Saint-Paul-lès-Romans solar Power Plant – CNR


Saint-Paul-lès-Romans, Drôme (26) FRANCE

Modules: GCL-M3/72H 420

  • Comissioning: Summer 2022
  • Client: CNR
  • Type of project: Ground-based power plant

power installed

production / year



An old career upgraded

In the commune of Saint-Paul-lès-Romans, Synapsun has accompanied the supply of photovoltaic modules for the Des Sablons solar park developed by the Compagnie Nationale du Rhône (CNR).

The project has won the national call for tenders of the Energy Regulation Commission (CRE 4).

The plant is located on the site of a former quarry previously used for landfill. It allows to valorize a land without use and agricultural potentiality.

The possible impacts caused by the implementation have been solved to minimize the risks on the fauna and flora.

An annual production twice as important as the needs of the population

The solar power plant consists of 18,935 photovoltaic modules with a total capacity of 8.5 MWp. The selection of the low-carbon modules was made by the manufacturer GCL SI represented in France by Synapsun.

The annual production of this installation will be over 12,000 MWh.

According to GDS estimates, the project will avoid nearly 3936 tons of CO2 annually (calculated over the 30 years of operation).

Somes pictures of the power plant

centrale solaire les sablons cnr
centrale solaire les sablons cnr
Centrale Saint-Paul-lès-Romans CNR
centrale solaire les sablons cnr

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