Angers, Maine et Loire, FRANCE

Modules: GCL-P3/60H 325

  • Completion date: November 2019
  • Client: Armorgreen
  • Type of project: Rooftop power plant


production / year

CO2 reduced / year


of surface

sale of electricity / year

About the project

A winning project in CRE calls for tenders: The “ICE PARC” ice rink in Angers

The plant was the winner of the fifth installment of CRE 4 “photovoltaic installations on buildings” calls for tenders and benefits from a 20-year contract for the sale of the electricity produced.

patoinoire ICE PARC Angers - ©ALTER

A major project for the city of Angers and its agglomeration

The new Angers rink replaces the obsolete Haras rink. It is right next to a tram station in the heart of a new neighborhood of the city: “ZAC Angers St Serge”. This flagship project reinforces the attractiveness of the area.

The total roof area is 10,000 m2. Construction of the building took place between July 2017 and August 2019. Installation of the modules was completed in November 2019.

The solar power plant fits naturally into the overall approach to limiting the environmental impact of the ice rink.

Result of an investment of € 250K, the project with 766 GCLSI modules represents a total power of 249 kWp and will produce, according to estimates, 252 MWh / year which will be injected into the Enedis public grid.

PV Modules
Manufacturer: GCLSI
Product: GCL P3 / 60 325Wp

At the crossroads between Multicrystalline and Monocrystalline, GCLSI Cast-Mono modules are the result of a manufacturing process with an environmental impact reduced to its minimum while offering high efficiency.

This range of modules is very successful on the French market because it perfectly meets the goal of reducing carbon footprint of solar installations required by CRE’s calls for tender.



ALTER Energies a souhaité impliquer les Angevins via une collecte citoyenne pour participer au financement de ses deux projets de centrales solaires (Angers et Beaucouzé). Lancé sur le site Lendopolis la “cagnotte” a réuni 121 personnes pour un montant total de 50000€. Chaque participant a versé en moyenne 413€ sous forme d’un prêt sur 4ans rémunéré à hauteur de 3,5% par an.

Installateur Energy transfert ©anthony PASCO

( Sources of figures: ALTER et LENDOPOLIS )

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