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Agricultural roofs

Projects of less than 100kWp or of larger scale via CRE Calls for Tender, PV agricultural hangars are very widespread.

Most of the time, they require certifications for the mounting systems and sometimes resistance of the modules to an environment loaded with ammonia.

We have the products that meet these requirements.

Industrial & commercial roofs

These installations are largely carried out on flat roofs which also require a complex technical assessment (waterproofing membrane, module assembly system, etc.) that we have carried out with several partners.

Some of them are ICPE classified and must pass a level B Roof T3 fire resistance certification.


Driven by the boom in self-consumption, photovoltaic carports are popping up in the very energy-consuming supermarket car parks.

The design of these installations is optimized by modules with a high surface efficiency such as “shingled” modules.

Ground-based power stations: Fixed structures

Ground-based projects are widely developed in France through CRE’s Calls for Tender.

Large modules with 72 cells or more are preferred there with the recent appearance of bifacial technologies which allow a gain of energy produced by the rear side at low cost.

These products require some modifications to the design of the plant in order to get the most out of the bifaciality.

We bring you our expertise.

Ground stations: Trackers

Trackers are devices that allow the sun to be followed on one or two axes, thus greatly improving the output of the PV plant.

They are usually installed with large modules.

Special attention is required for their design as well as for the module fixing system due to their greater wind resistance compared to conventional installations.


In full expansion, floating PV projects offer multiple advantages: reduction of evaporation, exploitation of a non-valued surface…

They require products resistant to humidity and sometimes to a saline atmosphere. The twin-lens modules are the most suitable.

Solar Plug & play

These pre-assembled containers delivered directly to the site are autonomous and movable photovoltaic production plants that can meet the electricity needs in isolated regions.

We supply PV modules to our partners who offer these turnkey power plants.

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Discover some of the solar power plants installed by our customers thanks to the modules that we have provided.


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