Des solutions pour le marché français du pv

A range of products and services specifically adapted to the French market:

We forge links with manufacturers capable of meeting the specific needs of the French market. We pay particular attention to their product range, technologies and to the supply chain to which they have access. At the same time, we examine their operational organization, their quality control process, logistics facilities and their after-sales service.

Synapsun provides PV Modules manufacturers with a set of solutions to fully understand the French market and offer products that meet its requirements, especially those of CRE tenders.

 Anticipated and secured supplies

We have an anticipated approach for your sourcing. By booking production slots with our industrial partners, we are able to impose our quality and traceability standards.

Our purchasing contract model secures supplies while coping with cost fluctuations that our market is facing. Once adopted by the manufacturers, this contract allows us to operate sourcing on an industrial basis.

 Dedicated and controlled productions for better quality

Each of our productions is subject to a quality audit. It meets our standard with several stages of documentary checks, pre-production audit, production supervision, goods inspection and supervision of loading before export.

This approach allows us to deploy a continuous improvement process with manufacturers and to guarantee the conformity of products purchased by our customers.

 A storage and logistics service adapted to the needs of the sites

It is not always possible to deliver to the site directly after the goods have arrived at the port. For this, we offer buffer storage solutions with addition of our services, offering our customers the possibility of identifying, controlling and tracking their goods upon receipt of the containers.

From their virtual store, they can monitor their goods from the port to their sites.

Carnet de santé centrale solaire photovoltaïque - data collection

 Development of the PV plant health record

We are developing a data-collection standard for the power plants to which we supplied modules.

A true point of convergence for all the documentation and data collected during the contracting, production, delivery and installation phases of PV Modules, this “health record” is intended to be a powerful traceability tool at the service of operators. The goal is to interface our after-sales services with this tool and to ensure long-term monitoring of the plants that we equip.

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